FreightPath Product Features

Automate your common emails with Built-In Email Automation

FreightPath's award-winning freight broker software is integrated directly with your email to help you automate and reduce manual tasks with common emails to customers, carriers and your team. Keep everyone in the loop without wasting time.

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Four Processes That FreightPath Automates With Email Integration

Sending Carriers Rate Confirmations

Instead of having to remember to manually send paper or fax rate confirmations to your carriers, FreightPath automatically emails your carriers and notifies them of digital rate confirmations ready for approval in the carrier portal.

Dispatching Loads To Drivers

Instead of emailing and texting drivers their bills of lading and instructions for their loads every morning, FreightPath automates this through email reminders and notifications through the driver mobile app.

Sending Reports To Accounting

You're probably already sending week-end or month-end reports of completed shipments to your accounting team. FreightPath makes this process easier with one-click export and sending through our excel reporting.

Sending Invoices To Customers

Thanks to FreightPath's built-in email integration and the customer portal, it automatically sends your shippers an email update with links to their portal to access invoices and captured PoDs when loads are delivered.

See How People Are Using FreightPath's Email Integration To Help Build Winning Digital freight brokerages

Hundreds of growing freight brokers trust FreightPath's easy-to-use TMS software and email integrations to improve their efficiency, reduce manual data entry, and book loads faster.

Make Your TMS Software Your Competitive Advantage

Get started today with FreightPath's flexible TMS software and see the difference it can make to your 3PL or freight brokerage today.

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