White Labelling, Availability Checker and Email Updates Have Arrived

Our team is thrilled to announce brand new features available to all FreightPath users starting today: personalized design functionality improvements to the platform itself, email notification updates that match with your brand’s image and even an advanced availability tracker to manage all your drivers

White Labelling

The Platform Itself

A long-anticipated Freightpath feature, we’re bringing to all users is the ability to change the look and feel of Freightpath to match your company’s branding. Now you can provide a polished yet professional experience for end customers that strengthens the impression of your brand.

We have installed a custom coloured header to match your brand’s colour. The default colour scheme is no more. The Freightpath logo that used to sit at the top left corner of the application will now be replaced by your very own.

Custom Header

Your Email Notifications

The first thing they see will be your company’s logo front and centre, not the Freightpath logo.

Branded Email Notifications

Driver Availability

We’re also introducing a driver availability check so that you can see right away who can and cannot cover a load. The new interface opens up a pop-up calendar that stores data all in one place so you can view at a glance all shipments assigned to your drivers to avoid any booking confusion.

Pop-up Calendar

Forgot you already picked a driver for a load. That’s okay. The new feature will show you when and what time each shipment is supposed to go out. It will also indicate who is assigned to that booking so that you are aware of any scheduling conflicts.

Conflicting Schedules

There is even a search field provided to search for different drivers. When a driver is not available to handle the load. Get the next one easily and in a matter of seconds.

Search Field

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