Using FreightPath Analytics To Improve Operations

FreightPath Analytics allows you to analyze your operations through actionable metrics - providing key insights on the health and performance of your brokerage or carrier business. This gives you the powerful ability to not only view and monitor, but to make proactive changes and see their results in real time.

Real Time Metrics

FreightPath Analytics comes pre-setup with actionable metrics on a real-time dashboard, with in-depth customizability on our enterprise plans. These figures update in real time as your freight moves, so there's no lagged data.

Why does this matter? Simply put, lagged data means lagged responses. Imagine there's a repeated issue with a specific lane you work with. These types of inefficiencies cost you every time you move freight on that lane, meaning the sooner you're able to diagnose the issue, the more money you save. A day or two of data lag can mean thousands - possibly more.

Simple Setup

We worked with real brokers and 3PLs to build FreightPath Analytics - and one of the first things we learned was that existing solutions were too difficult to set up. Not only is this an easy scapegoat for poor analytics implementations that accomplish nothing, it can be the source of painful setup and implementation fees.

That's why we focused on the essentials. For our essential and business plans, we designed a dashboard that just works. No cumbersome setup, no creating your own metrics and graphs. Because we know that for most brokerages and 3PLs, getting insights that help their business is more important that a tool that's fun to play with.

For our enterprise plan, we go a step further - proactively working with your team to design a FreightPath Analytics dashboard that works for your business, and the reporting you need to make decisions faster.

A Complete Logistics Analytics Platform

FreightPath Analytics is advanced visibility that just works for your business. No confusing setup, vanity metrics, or difficult to understand interfaces. We've distilled what a logistics analytics platform should be, to provide your real time actionable insights into your business easily and affordably. Check it out today in the FreightPath App.

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