Updated Shipment Alerts And Tracking Tools

We're excited to announce a plethora of new features and workflow changes that will hopefully help you get the best FreightPath experience possible, including new shipment alerts and manual tracking updates alongside plenty of minor updates.

Major Updates

Manual Shipment Tracking & Alerts

Now you can update shipment tracking data directly from the web app with convenient manual tracking and shipment status updates. You can access duplicate, abort, delay, update location, and sharing actions with the Action Button in any shipment details page.

Accessing the new shipment updates

Abort - Manually abort or cancel a shipment from the web app.

Manually aborting a shipment

Delay - Manually send a delay alert to customers and carriers through the web app

Manually delaying a shipment

Update Location - Manually update the current GPS location of a shipment in the web app

Manual shipment tracking

Share - The share button has been updated and moved into the actions button for added convenience with separate portal links for carriers and customers. FreightPath will now also automatically send these tracking links to your customers and carriers via email when shipments have been confirmed by all parties.

Updated shipment sharing dialog

Minor Updates

New Password Reset

You can now request to reset your account password from the login page if you forget. Remember to choose a secure password with a mix of numbers, letters, and symbols and a length of at least 8 characters. Do not share your password with anyone. If you believe your password has been compromised, reset it or contact us at info@freightpath.io

New password reset feature

New Data Loss Alerts

Based on customer feedback, FreightPath will now warn you if you attempt to leave an unsaved booking, customer, carrier, driver, or location with an onscreen prompt.

Data Loss Alerts

Minor Usability And Performance Improvements

Shipment Detail Navigation - You can now access shipment details directly from the shipments screen without dropdown menus.

Carrier Insurance Date - Fixed issue where carrier insurance default expiration date was 1969.

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