Updated Driver Scheduler, Custom Bill of Lading and New Photo Interface

Major Features

Custom Bill of Lading

An exciting new feature we’re bringing to all Freightpath users is the ability to upload a custom bill of lading. We understand that every customer or carrier has different types, quantities, destinations and specific details for their carried goods. So, we’re providing document flexibility so that you have the freedom to upload your very own BOL or download our standard BOL template.

Rather than just having the option to upload a separate PDF for each stop much like the Freightpath bill of lading that allowed you to download a separate bill of lading for each stop, you now have the option of secured visibility. The enabled button lets you control which bills of ladings your customers can or cannot see through the customer portal. Now you can start enabling, disabling, deleting and sharing each bill of lading as you see fit.

Custom BOL

The custom BOL feature even comes with an all-inclusive digital signature page where the name of the person signing, their role and a time stamp is included. Now you can attach any digital signature you collect on your mobile device and add it to your uploaded BOL.

BOL Signatures

Driver Availability

We have made major improvements to the driver schedule feature to make it more visually appealing and convenient for daily use. Now view all your shipments full screen on a monthly scale right from the start.

In addition, we have added multiple driver support for dispatch so that if numerous drivers are sharing responsibility for a booking any one of them can accept the booking and then automatically the others will have accepted it as well.  All drivers will appear in the schedular for you to view all of their shipments. Just select one or all to see who’s assigned to which booking over the next month.

Multi-Driver Dispatch

Multiple Photo Upload

We’re also introducing a brand-new photo interface that will allow all Freightpath users to upload multiple proof of delivery photos for each pickup/delivery in the mobile app. You no longer have to worry about taking that one perfect photo, now upload anywhere from one to ten photos per pickup or delivery.

Multiple Photo Interface For Proof of Delivery

Features To Be Released

Customized Shipment Notes

The Freightpath development team is hard at work making adaptable shipment notes to suit all of your transportation needs. Rather than having one default unchangeable note per shipment stop, you can soon look forward to being able to edit each new location note for every new shipment stop.

Automatic Billing  

Soon to come is also a new billing interface designed to simplify the payment process with automatic billing and full control over your subscription plan.

Customer portal

Our customers and carriers can also look forward to a new customer portal that will enable both of them to see all the shipments they participate in, rather than having to be invited to access each one manually. They will become full Freightpath users with complete freedom to see, edit and share all of their shipments.  

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