Supercharge Your Operations With The FreightPath Mobile App

The FreightPath Mobile App - available for both iOS and Android - allows you to go above and beyond what you can provide with the FreightPath web platform alone. With it, you can start providing real-time tracking, mobile proof of delivery, live status updates, and driver instructions for free.

With the FreightPath Mobile App, you can start providing real-time tracking, mobile proof of delivery, live status updates, and driver instructions for free.

Start Tracking Loads in Real Time

The fun begins with the power to GPS track your shipments in real time. No extra devices or surcharge fees required - it works seamlessly right on your iOS or Android device.

Just dispatch the shipment to either a partner carrier or your own drivers, and they'll be able to accept the load and start tracking right on their mobile device. All they have to do is download the FreightPath Mobile App.

Not only does this give you obvious benefit of real-time shipment and fleet visibility for yourself - you can also share it directly with customers by using FreightPath's powerful sharing features. It's shipment visibility that just works.

Mobile Signature and Proof of Delivery

The FreightPath Mobile App does more than just track loads though - it's also a powerful delivery management solution that helps drivers manage stops, shipment instructions, and provide proof of delivery and digital consignee signatures so you can de-risk operations and avoid liability issues.

It's super easy too - drivers are automatically prompted to either take a picture of their signed bill of lading (perfect for contactless delivery!) or collect a digital signature directly on their phone from the consignee. This information is then synced in real time with your FreightPath TMS, guaranteeing that you have a digital paper trail of everything that's happened with your shipment.

Live Status Updates From Drivers

The FreightPath Mobile App also helps drivers avoid liability issues and lets them provide real time feedback, internal & external notes, and status updates for shipments.

No more guesses or frantic calls to identify missing, aborted, or delayed shipments. Drivers can communicate with dispatchers and brokers in real time to provide advance notice of delays - accidents, mechanical breakdowns, etc. - which can then be analyzed within the FreightPath TMS to identify problematic routes.

A Complete Dispatching and Tracking Platform

Now is the time to adopt a complete dispatching and tracking platform that works as well for your drivers as it does your dispatchers and sales team. The FreightPath Mobile App works seamlessly with the FreightPath Web Platform to provide your business with the 360 degree visibility and collaboration it needs to succeed in todays competitive market.

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