New Team And Document Management Features

Major Features

Team Management

A long awaited feature of FreightPath, we're bringing the ability to invite (unlimited) new admin and dispatch users to the web app, along with an improved interface for inviting new drivers to your organization.

Managing admin and dispatch users in FreightPath

The new interface allows you to see and revoke any pending invitations, as well as manage your existing admin and driver users. Deleting a user will not delete any data they've created, and will only remove that users access to your team's FreightPath account.

The new driver management interface

Digital Rate Confirmation

We're also introducing a fully digital rate confirmation so you can get your bookings processed without the need to print or exchange paper documents. Everything can be done digitally through the FreightPath web app and carrier portal.

The new carrier portal featuring a fully digital rate con

In the new interface, carriers can view the full terms and conditions, as well as provide e-confirmation directly from the carrier portal. We've also removed all character limited from the legal terms and conditions, so you can adjust as you need to for your business.

Viewing the terms and conditions of the booking from the carrier portal

Document Storage And Sharing

In addition to the automatically generated documents already available in FreightPath, we now provide you with file upload and sharing services for each of your shipments. You can upload documents here to share in real time with your customers and carriers through the portal interface.

New shared document upload feature

Carriers and customers will be able to view and document these documents directly from the carrier and customer portal.

Carrier portal interface for accessing shared documents

Minor Updates

New Easy-Signup

We've introduced a new easy onboarding flow for new customers, as well as a new free-forever plan with 5 included shipments per month and the same features and unlimited software seats enjoyed by our essential customers. Get started today

Improvements to Carrier Insurance

New updates should make the carrier insurance automation more seamless. We've updated the default date, and made usability improvements on the back end to improve performance.

New Legal Document For Rate Con/Load Tender and Bill of Lading

Along with our new digital rate con, we've also made the highly requested updates to our automatically generated pdf rate con/load tender and bill of lading to automatically include a new legal section specifically for the new long-form legal text.

New FreightPath load tender with legal text

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