New In FreightPath: Advanced User Permissions and Roles

In FreightPath admin users can now choose between three standard sets of permissions for each user: admin, standard, and driver. Each has its own set of permissions to ensure everyone on your team sees the information they need to see.

Breakdown of New Roles

Admin: Can access everything in FreightPath, including billing, user management, and the mobile app
Standard: Can access the web TMS, but not billing, user management, and the mobile app
Driver: Can only access the driver app

How to Change User Roles

To change user roles, first navigate to the user management page of the web app. This can be found at

On this page, you will see your list of current FreightPath users, with their new role in text (replacing the prior icons). Click the pencil edit icon to edit each user, and change their role.

New roles will only take effect after the given user has logged out and logged back in.

If any issues arise with the updated roles, please first check with your FreightPath admin that you have the correct user permissions to change user roles. If you have the requisite permissions, log out and log back in to refresh user settings. If problems persist, reset your browser cookies and cache. If the problem still exists, please contact FreightPath for assistance.

Other Changes to FreightPath

Along with updated user permissions and roles, we have made various improvements and bug fixes across the app. The full list is provided below.

*Phone numbers aren’t required for users anymore
*Fix small layout problems for shipment list view

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