Introducing Carrier Compliance and Profitability Analytics

We're thrilled to announce a number of new features and fixes in FreightPath - namely carrier compliance and profitability analytics. We know some of these features have been highly requested by our users, and we hope to add even more functionality to these and other features in the coming weeks. Here's what you can expect to come to FreightPath today:

Carrier Compliance - Individually upload, store, and manage insurance documents in the FreightPath cloud for each of your carriers or drivers. You can also optionally set an expiration date that sends you automatic reminders when a carrier or driver's insurance is expired so they can renew or provide updated information.

Profitability Analytics - Track your freight cost, shipment markup, and customer rate over time. See real time updates on your average shipment profitability over time via FreightPath Analytics. You can also automatically calculate shipment markups based on customer rates. Or, use markup to automatically calculate customer rates.

Other Bugs and Improvements - Updated mapping process to show more accurate ETA and location information. Improved map re-centering and tracking in web portal links and shipment detail page.

Our product and engineering teams are already hard at work to add even more functionality to this feature, so watch this space for more updates to FreightPath soon.

Check out our product updates blog for more information on new features like carrier compliance and how to use them. If you have any questions or feedback about this new feature, feel free to contact us through our support chat anytime, or via email at

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