Introducing Invoicing, Mobile Dispatching and Updated Interface

Major Features


An exciting brand new feature we’re bringing to all Freightpath users is the ability to send an invoice. Now you can itemize and keep records of all your freight transactions to ensure you and your employees get paid on time. As well as grow your accounts by offering customers an extra layer of value in the form of bookkeeping, and ultimately showcase a professional brand image to your clientele.  

Brand New Invoice Feature

Enhanced Dispatching 

We have improved our dispatching system to now include multiple options. Now all your drivers are in pocket length. Rather than inviting a driver by email, instantly invite them by phone. That way they receive, plan and schedule loads ahead of time, saving you operational costs and letting them deliver shipments with confidence. 

Mobile Dispatching

Personalized Interface 

We have analyzed what features are most predominately utilized by each of our Freightpath users, removing any that are not in use, including “disable carrier for customer” and “disable driver for customer.” Now you can enjoy a clean and meaningful interface to keep track of all your carrier and driver-related interactions. We have even made it easier for you to connect and organize your network by placing carriers and drivers into one group called “organizations”.  That way, you spend less time finding information and more time locking down loads.

Minor changes 

We have made software improvement fixes to the entire interface to improve functionality and design. We changed the contextual layout of the customer page to provide greater user accessibility, enhanced autofill functions to run smoother and provided a fashionable, formatted and validated sign up and invite field for new drivers.

Bug fixes 

We are pleased to share with all Freightpath users that we have resolved several bug issues. All on-time delivery statistics are now displayed correctly to keep track of your shipment deliveries, and the delivery feature itself in the web app is stable and ready to be used. Click here to log in today and see for yourself.

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