How To Speed Up Your Dispatch Process By Using A Digital Rate Con

Rate confirmations are a standard practice for brokers and dispatchers - they're an essential tool that helps communicate important information like the shipment route, expected payment, and contact info to carriers and owner-operators. What we've done is make it easier than ever to share this information and work on it collaboratively through the FreightPath Digital Rate Con.

You can skip the long email threads - carriers can respond directly to your digital rate con, access shared documents, tracking, and dispatch to their own drivers free of charge
The FreightPath Digital Rate Con

Skip The Endless Emails

It starts with you fumbling around scanning a paper rate con and emailing it to your partner carriers. You wait for the inevitable questions - maybe you have to send some additional information back, maybe they're confused about exactly what the route is or what they're expected to haul. Finally, they agree, have to print, sign, scan, and send you the rate con back.

This process makes everyone's jobs harder, and slows your shipping down - ultimately making you look worse to your end customers.

With FreightPath, all you have to do is dispatch the shipment and you're done. We automatically send your partner carriers a link to your Digital Rate Con, where they can view the shipment route, freight details, instructions, payment information, legal tender, download a pdf copy of the rate con, and any other shared documents. Most importantly, they can respond directly through the portal, making communication effortless.

Provide Added Value For Your Network

You always want to be finding ways to build better relationships with your partner carrier network. You rely on them - and they rely on you too. The FreightPath Digital Rate Con lets you provide your partners with added value.

Not only is it a tool to help you communicate faster, carriers can use the Digital Rate Con to dispatch to their own drivers free of charge, and view live tracking and status updates. It's the full value of FreightPath - built into a single easy-to-use portal.

To learn more about how carriers can use the Digital Rate Con to dispatch and track their shipments, visit our help center for detailed guides and tutorials.

Convenient Yet Secure

Not only is the Digital Rate Con a convenient way for you to communicate and provide added value to your network, you can use it to securely share shipment specific documents with your partner carriers.

In the documents tab of the Digital Rate Con, you can upload your own custom documents and files, as well as access the automatically generated pdf rate confirmation and bill of lading. This provides you the flexibility to provide everything a carrier might need to make an informed and prompt decision on whether or not to move your shipment.

Improve Collaboration and Speed Up Your Shipping Process With Digital Rate Cons

It's time to retire your old paper rate confirmation and the decades old process that accompanies it. With FreightPath's Digital Rate Cons, you can equip you dispatch and sales teams with the best-in-class tools they need to speed up shipping, build stronger carrier relationships, and ultimately produce happier customers.

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