How To Boost Your Customer Success With Customer Portals

With Real-Time Customer Portals in FreightPath, the benefits of providing a customer portal are easier than ever for account managers to take advantage of. Instead of worrying about client logins, credentials, and confusing website integrations, FreightPath gives you a simple shareable link for your customers. It can even be emailed automatically to clients when new shipments are dispatched.

With FreightPath, our customers have the opportunity to provide updates to their staff & customers, with peace of mind that the information is current and accurate - Jeff Grimwood, President of Wood-Hall Logistics

Eliminate Check Calls

How many check calls have you taken, especially in the last month? Customers more and more want to know when are where their shipments are, so that they can de-risk their projects and operations.

Adding Real-Time Customer Portals to your dispatch strategy means that you can automate this back and forth, and focus on the work at hand. Because we automatically sync all shipment activity between the driver, dispatcher, and carrier, it means that everyone is always updated with the most recent information. Account managers can deliver better customer experiences while also handling more client activity. It's a win-win.

Automate Your Document Management

We all know how much paperwork even one shipment can produce. Between the bill of lading, load tender, rate confirmation, invoice, quote, and proof of delivery, you could have tens of documents for each shipment!

FreightPath simplifies all of this. Instead of having giving your driver a stack of papers to sort, or a clumsy DropBox link that isn't designed for his workflow, FreightPath automatically creates the necessary shipping documents in easily openable and printable PDF format, and shares it through the Real-Time Customer Portal with customers.

Plus, dispatchers have the ability to upload and share documents in real-time with clients, so revised shipment docs, an extra invoice, or just a mistake on the proof of delivery can be fixed instantly. Everything is synced in real-time to the cloud, so you don't have to worry about whether or not your customers will see that new invoice you need them to review.

Provide Better Customer Experiences And Win More Sales With FreightPath's Real-Time Customer Portals

Customer portals don't have to be confusing or difficult to use for your team or your clients. With FreightPath's real-time customer portals, you can equip your dispatch and sales teams with a secret weapon for de-risking your customers' operations and have them leaving 5-star reviews for your services.

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