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Setting Up Your Profile and Settings

How to set up your team's profile, general settings and customization options in FreightPath

Setting Up Your Users and Billing

How to invite new users, manage existing users, adjust permissions and change your FreightPath plan.

Adding customers to your network

How to add new customers to your network, invite them to your customer portal, and manage customer information.

Help Articles

Adding Shipper And Consignee To Loads

In this short article, you will find how FreightPath handles with ease those concepts of Pick-Up location or shipper’s address and Drop-Off location (Delivery location) or Consignee’s address.

Linking Loads And Invoices

How to link loads and invoices to automatically populate invoices and rate confirmations with PO and order information.

Integrating FreightPath With QuickBooks

How to setup your QuickBooks integration and use it to sync invoices and expenses between it and FreightPath.

Mobile App
What are APK files and How Do I Install Apps Via APK On My Android Phone

Step-by-step instructions and details on how to install apps, including the FreightPath Driver App, on your Android device using an APK file.

Inviting Carriers To Your FreightPath Carrier Portal

How to invite your carriers to dispatch drivers, manage documents and receive shipments through your new FreightPath Carrier Portal.

Adding New Carriers To FreightPath

How to add new carriers and their compliance information to your FreightPath TMS

Inviting Customers To Your FreightPath Customer Portal

How to invite new and existing customers to manage, track and book shipments through your new FreightPath Customer Portal

Adding New Customers To FreightPath TMS

How to add new customers to your TMS

Setting Up Your FreightPath TMS

How to setup your new FreightPath TMS and team for success