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Experience the Easiest To Use Transportation Management Platform On The Market

Sell Directly To Your Customers

Building an online presence for your trucking company has never been easier, faster, or more scalable.

Your Back Office Co-Pilot

Stop stressing about your back office tasks. Automatically create documents, labels, invoices and more.

Dispatch Directly To Drivers

Dispatch new shipments directly to yourself and other drivers using the FreightPath Driver App

First off, we'd like to give a nod to the team at Ascend. They've built a great affordable solution for transportation management. So, why should you switch to FreightPath? Because you deserve a TMS that's powerful and intuitive with real customer support.

Powerful Features

Your operations deserve more. Increase new and returning business with a customer portal powered by FreightPath and see the difference for yourself.

Intuitive Design

We designed FreightPath to be as simple as it is powerful - build, dispatch, track, and share shipments in under five minutes. It's that easy.

24/7 Customer Support

Sometimes, you get what you pay for. We're there for you 24/7, with industry-leading customer support that actually understands your issues and problems.

Today our clients expect full transparency. Tretan was able to close over $20 Million by de-risking projects with FreightPath

Harry Driedger
President of Tretan Inc

Harry Driedger

FreightPath Platform Features

Driver Mobile App

Get the full picture of where your freight is - capture signatures, upload proof of delivery, provide real time tracking, and get paid faster.

Lightning Fast Dispatch

Dispatch shipments effortlessly to your drivers and your partner carrier network without the need for middlemen.

Automatic Documents

Automatically generate and share shipment-critical documents like the bill of lading and shipping labels without any manual work.

Maximize Profitability

FreightPath is the one place to see all your orders, how much you're getting paid, and how much profit you're making on each order.  

Analytics and KPIs

Gain greater visibility and optimize every area of your transportation operation with insight into items, orders and shipments.

Real Time Visibility

De-risk operations with real-time track and trace on all your shipments, regardless of whether they're brokered or completed in-house.

See What You Can Achieve With FreightPath

Get the modern shipment visibility platform for you and your customers today


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Integrated TMS


Mobile App Dispatch

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