Understanding the shipment accordion view in FreightPath

The FreightPath Shipment Accordion or card view gives you easy access to the most important information about your shipments as well as quick access to shipment actions directly from the main shipments page. It also allows you to view everything in a mobile friendly interface that can be accessed from any device, including a smartphone.

The expanded view of a shipment accordion card

The Unexpanded View

The unexpanded view is the default layout of all shipments on the shipment index page. It shows the following information:

  • Shipment status and color (very left, positioned vertically)
  • Origin location
  • Origin date and time
  • Final destination location
  • Final destination date and time
  • Carrier name and icon (left)
  • Customer name and icon (right)
  • Shipment number (left)
  • Reference number (right)

It also contains the following buttons:

  • Actions button (three dots)
  • Expand button
  • shipment details (anywhere else on card)

By pressing on the actions button you can access the dropdown menu of all shipment actions available in the shipment details page. By pressing the expand button, you can access additional shipment information including equipment type, transportation method, create date, and all delivery stops.

The Expanded View

The expanded view of the shipments on the shipment index page allow you to access a more comprehensive breakdown of each shipment, along with an expanded layout to make reading easier. There is still the actions button to access the additional dropdown options like updating load events, reporting deliveries, tendering shipments, etc.

Along with the same information in the unexpanded view, the following information is available as well:

  • All shipment stops (origin and destinations)
  • Location address for all stops
  • Location name for all stops
  • Date and time for all stops
  • Equipment type
  • Transportation method (TL or LTL)
  • Create date

Pressing anywhere on the card other than the un-expand button and the more actions button will redirect you to the shipment details page for that specific shipment.

Terrence Wang

Terrence Wang

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