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Tendering vs. Dispatching Shipments

January 28, 2021

Tendering vs. Dispatching Shipments


When booking a shipment, you will have the option to either tender the shipment or dispatch the shipment.


Tender the Shipment

Once you've created a shipment, you will tender it only if you are assigning the load to a carrier. The load request will be sent automatically to the carrier via email, and the carrier will be able to update the shipment through the carrier portal. In essence, this feature will mostly be used by FreightPath freight brokers.

Dispatch the Shipment

Once you've created a shipment, you can dispatch the load directly to a driver. The load will be sent to the driver via email, and on the driver app within the "Incoming" tab. Typically, this feature will be used by carrier companies using FreightPath.

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