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Searching for Locations through Google Maps in FreightPath

January 28, 2021

Searching for Locations through Google Maps in FreightPath


When entering the location for your shipment, FreightPath uses Google Maps to help you input the location address.


How to Input your Address Using Google Maps in FreightPath

As you are creating a shipment, you can begin entering your location address. This is done with the help of Google Maps: you can begin entering the address, and Google Maps will automatically populate the rest for you.

The difference between the location name and the location address

When creating your shipment, you will notice that there is a field to input a location name. This is an opportunity to name your location; for example, you could name your first location "Stop 1". Below the Location Name field, you can input the address of your location. Therefore, you should not enter the address of your location in the location name field.

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