Identifying Temperature Control Settings and Ranges for Shipments

How to Set the Temperature

Within the Transportation Details section, you will see the option to specify your desired temperature.

Once you've selected the drop down menu, you can choose "None" if a specific temperature is not required for your load. Alternatively, if a specific temperature is required, you can select either an exact temperature or a range. The temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit Degrees.

Where can I see this once I've booked the shipment?

You will be able to view the temperature specifications within the shipment details section of your shipment.

Where can my driver see this once I've booked the shipment? 

Your driver will be able to see the temperature specification on the Driver App. Once they open the shipment on the app, the temperature (if required) will be one of the first lines of information that they will see.

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Julia Dyke

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