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How to Duplicate Shipments in FreightPath

January 28, 2021

How to Duplicate Shipments in FreightPath


We know that many of our users run the same loads frequently. For this reason, we've enabled the Duplicate Shipment feature; where with one click, you can recreate your chosen shipment.


How to Duplicate a Shipment

While sorting through your Shipments tab on the left hand, select the shipment that you'd like to duplicate. Once you're on the Shipment Details page, you can select the "Actions" button on the right hand side of the page. This will populate a drop-down menu, where the option to Duplicate is available. By duplicating a shipment, all of the same information will appear but on a new shipment page.

How to Save your Duplicate Shipment

Once you've created a duplicate shipment, it will only save once you've change some of the information to reflect that it is a different shipment than the original. For example, you could change the date, the time, the driver, etc. By updating this information, you will be able to save your duplicate shipment. At this point, you can either save the shipment as-is, or create the shipment with the rates.

Are the Rates Duplicated Along with the Rest of the Shipment Information?

Yes. At first, when you are working with a duplicate shipment, you can either create the shipment as-Is, or continue to fill the rates. Once you open the page in which the rates are filled, you will see that the rates from the original shipment are already there. You can either leave the rates if they are correct for your new shipment, or, edit the rates accordingly.

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