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If you haven't accepted the shipment yet, make sure you read the Guide to Freightpath for Partner Carriers first. Once you've finished that guide, you can jump right back into the guide for dispatching to your own drivers.

Feel free to send this guide to your drivers if they have any questions - the FreightPath team is also available at any time through out real-time chat in the bottom-right corner of the app if you need help.

Drivers: Accepting Shipments

The driver receives the phone notification that he has been dispatched a shipment from your company name.  When the driver opens the email, he can click on the “Open with FreightPath Driver App” button

If the driver already has downloaded the FreightPath mobile Driver app, clicking on the “Open with FreightPath Driver App” button will lead him to the shipment info screen:

Drivers: Tracking Shipments

The driver can click on “start tracking” after the shipment has been picked-up.

The driver can at any point “Report a problem” or click on a given stop and make a delivery. This provides in depth information into possible late reasons, and can help insure you from unwanted shipment disputes over unavoidable delays like traffic or mechanical issues that have been negotiated prior.

Finally, to complete the shipment, your driver can collect the consignee signature directly in the FreightPath Driver App. This signature will automatically be applied to the completed Bill of Lading, which you can access at any point through your carrier portal.

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