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Before you get started, make sure you have a browser that supports all the features of the FreightPath Web App - Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are both great options you don't have them already.

Once you have your browser set up, you're ready to start with FreightPath.

Accepting Shipments

First, login into your email system and click on the FreightPath email you received. The sender will be "FreightPath" and the subject line will read "Booking Request ... from Your Broker/Shipper".

This email is a Booking Request/Rate Confirmation coming from your broker/carrier.

Open the email.

The email provides you with the unique shipment ID created and assigned to you as well as a link (Button) to have you access your carrier portal. Pressing the button that says "Click here to view the booking and submit your response" will redirect you to your unique carrier portal in FreightPath.

You are now accessing the shipment request via the FreightPath portal. You can review all of the information on the shipment, your rate, the pick-up and delivery instructions along with the accessorial requests.

After reviewing the shipment details you can decide whether to ACCEPT or DECLINE the shipment using the two buttons on top of your screen. If you decline, you can provide a reason to your partner.

Dispatching Shipments

Once you accept the shipment, the FreightPath customer portal will give you the opportunity to dispatch the shipment directly to your drivers, using their email addresses. 

Your driver will receive an email (soon working with texts on their phones) and will be able to receive the pick-up and delivery instructions directly from the FreightPath driver app.

You will also now be able to track and trace your drivers on the road while they perform the delivery.

Notice the Truck location on the top right corner of the screen.

Using the FreightPath driver app, your drivers will also be able to report delays, provide digital e-signature and provide you with an INSTANT signed BOL for faster invoicing.

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Gwenaël Malbec

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