Carrier Dispatch Guide

Before You Start

To get started with carrier dispatch, you will have to have set up at least one customer and carrier in the network tab. If you don't know how to do this, check out our help center article on setting up your network.

To get the most out of the automatic documents, you'll also need to have set up your account and legal settings in the settings tab. If you don't know how to do this, check out our help center article on setting up your account.

Create or duplicate a shipment

The Shipments Page

The first step is to create a new shipment or duplicate an existing one. Start on the Shipments page (you can find it on the left hand navigation menu as the truck icon) and press the New Shipment button to create a new shipment. To duplicate an existing shipment, simply press anywhere on the row of the desired shipment and select Duplicate Shipment from the pop-up window.

Finish Creating Your New Shipment

The Create Shipment Screen

Next is to finished completing the details for your new shipment. Make sure to fill out the customer and shipping addresses for the origin and any delivery stops you have. Here, you can also enter in your freight cost, customer rate, and markup if you want. Once you get to the transportation details section, make sure you select an external carrier.

Selecting Transportation Details

You can tell that a carrier is external since the driver field does not show up after entering in the name. This is shown below. Once you've finished creating your shipment, you can press the Save as Draft button to save your work without booking, or press the book button in the upper right-hand corner to send the shipment to your external carrier for approval.

Caution: if you leave this screen without saving as a draft or booking you will lose your information and any changes you made

Selecting an External Carrier

(External Carrier) Accept or Decline The Booking

The Booking Request Email for External Carriers

Once you've booked your new shipment, FreightPath will automatically send an email booking confirmation that looks like above screenshot to your external carrier. They'll have the opportunity to view a digital rate confirmation through the FreightPath Carrier Portal by clicking the link in the email. This will bring up the following page on their web browser:

The FreightPath Carrier Portal

Upon first entering the FreightPath Carrier Portal, your external carrier will be able to view a digital rate confirmation with all transportation, customer, and load details, documents (via the documents tab), and real-time tracking of their truck(s). Before accepting, carriers will have the opportunity to review all provided information, and either accept or decline the booking. If the booking is declined, you will receive a notification within FreightPath and via email. If it is accepted, your external carrier will then have the ability to dispatch the load to their own drivers via the FreightPath Driver App.

External Carrier Dispatch Screen

Carriers simply type in the driver's email into the Enter Email form field, and press the Dispatch button to send the load directly to their drivers via the FreightPath Driver App. If your external carrier ever wants to return to the carrier portal, they can use the link sent to them via email once they've accepted the shipment. They'll also receive a copy of their Bill of Lading in the email. Once a shipment has been accepted, external carriers can still cancel the booking (subject to the terms and conditions you've specified in the legal text of your rate confirmation/load tender via the FreightPath settings page) or dispatch to additional drivers using the carrier portal. Carriers do not need a login to access their per-shipment portal, but the link is fully secured and can be disabled at any time.

(External Carrier) Receive The Shipment And Begin Tracking

The email notification sent to External Carriers' Drivers

Once accepted and dispatched, an email notification will be sent to the external carriers' driver. Using the link in the email, they can open the shipment in the FreightPath Driver App and track the booking, report delays or alerts, mark deliveries, complete digitally-signed proof of delivery, and upload PoD photos. They do not require a login to use the app for this purpose. If they do not have the app, they will be redirected to an online link where they can download the app for free on iOS or android.

Opening an external shipment in the FreightPath Driver App

Of note is that real-time location tracking will only begin once the start tracking button has been pressed. Thus, it is important to alert drivers and carriers of this. The app can also be used without real-time tracking if it is not desired, and used exclusively for proof of delivery and status updates.

We hope that you enjoy using the external carrier dispatch feature in FreightPath, and find tremendous value in it for both you and your customers. If you have any feedback or questions you can always contact us or talk to us via the real-time chat on our website and web app.

Happy trucking!

Terrence Wang

Terrence Wang

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