Receive Store Ship

FreightPath is designed for your logistics workflow and helps you move freight faster, for inbound and outbound shipments, as well as processing and adjusting inventory.

Simple Workflow, Powerful Results

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Inbound and Outbound Orders

FreightPath gives you in-depth granular control over all your inbound and outbound orders, with additional enterprise-grade integration with your existing warehouse management and receiving platforms available if you need it.

Sku-Level Granularity

Select, receive, edit, store, and ship with confidence when you’re able to drill down to the sku and line item level

Smart Search

Make order management easy with smart search, card-based UI, and advanced filters and selection criteria

Receive, Store, and Manage

A mission critical part of order fulfillment is managing inventory – that’s why FreightPath comes with advanced features to receive, store, and manage your inventory, with integration with third-party WMS platforms available for enterprises

Receive Inventory

Simple yet powerful receiving tools allow you in receive against orders, advance ship notices, and individual items directly

Manage and Store with Stacks

Adjust, edit, and store inventory in multiple locations, with customizable granular mapping through stacks

Book Shipments with Confidence

FreightPath integrates directly with your company’s email platform to book shipments and communicate mission critical documents – all secured and digitized with our industry-leading document management system

Digital Documentation

FreightPath automatically creates digital versions of your mission-critical documents like the Bill of Lading

Email Integration

Connect with your carrier partners, access negotiated rates, and manage accepted or rejected bookings directly in FreightPath

Advanced Visibility

Get advanced visibility on your shipment status with our shipment tracker, as well as integration with IoT and API devices

Get Detailed Insights Quick

FreightPath automatically creates detailed real-time KPI and tracking dashboards to keep you up to date on how your logistics operations are running, and how they can be optimized

KPI Dashboard

Track your logistics operations performance in real time with KPIs configurable on our modular dashboard

Shipment and Order Tracking

Visually track your shipments and orders in one location and quickly get key decision-making information

Inventory Reports

Access key inventory reports from the inventory module or your integrated WMS and send them via email to your network