Version 5.137: Updated stop merging, customs broker and copy-to

July 6, 2021

Version 5.137: Updated stop merging, customs broker and copy-to

As part of FreightPath version 5.137 we're introducing a new way to manage stops, the ability to add a customs broker for each shipment, and a copy-to org for factoring companies on invoices.

Release Number


Release Date

July 6, 2021

What's Happening?

New Stop Management Tools

FreightPath TMS software screenshot gif stop organization route optimization freight broker 3PL software
New stop management tools in FreightPath TMS Software

From the feedback of our customers, we've overhauled the stop merging and management for FreightPath TMS. Now, you can manually drag and drop stops to reorder, as well as group and ungroup stops picking up from or dropping off at the same location.

Customs Broker For Shipments

For more complex cross-border shipments we've also added the ability to select a customs broker for each shipment. To do so, simply create a new organization or edit your relationship with an existing one in the Network page, and specify that they are a CUSTOMS BROKER.

Now, you can add your customs broker to a shipment on the shipment details page.

This information is also shown in a dedicated section on your carrier and customer rate confirmation, along with a dedicated "notes for customs broker" section in the shipment details.

Copy-To Org For Factored Invoices

Similar to customs broker support, we've also added support for a copy-to org for factored shipment on all invoices. Simply select any organization as the copy-to on an invoice, and a dedicated section will be shown separately from pay-to and bill-to on both the invoice and the rate confirmation.

Other Changes And Improvements

  • User login backend improvements
  • Phone number input improvements
  • Removal of "I was assigned a shipment by email" option from the mobile app
  • Added password reset link to mobile app
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes with signup and default settings

When's It Happening?

FreightPath TMS version 5.137 will be released starting July 6 2021 to all users.

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