Version 5.135: Mobile document sharing + various usability improvements

June 23, 2021

Version 5.135: Mobile document sharing + various usability improvements

Small usability-related changes and fixes including mobile document sharing for drivers

Release Number


Release Date

June 23, 2021

What's Happening?

Mobile Document Sharing For Drivers

Drivers can now upload shared documents, upload photos and take photos directly from the FreightPath Mobile App. These shared documents are synced directly with each shipment's shared documents in your FreightPath TMS and shared instantly with customers and carriers.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Automatically setting default broker/carrier/customer for portal users
  • Various performance improvements in backend
  • Dashboard fixes for icon labels and "object, object" misc text
  • Stop merging logic improved
  • Negative invoice amounts are now supported

When's It Happening?

Changes in 5,135 should be available to all users by June 24 2021 with rollout beginning June 23. If you do not see specific changes or experiences issues in this timeframe please sign out and sign back into FreightPath.

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