Built-In GPS Fleet Tracking

Why pay for and maintain two systems when FreightPath has best-in-class tracking built-in?

Affordable Real Time Fleet Visibility

No massive IT infrastructure costs or hidden costs. FreightPath lets you track and trace your fleet, whether you have 10 trucks or 10,000

GPS Tracking Down To The Second

Visibility doesn't mean anything without accuracy

We listened to leading 3PLs and truckers when we built FreightPath - nothing is quite as frustrating as tracking that tells clients the truck is somewhere it's not. That's why building exceptional tracking was a priority for our product team.

By polling for location on a per-second basis with leading LTE technology you're guaranteed to never miss a thing.

Works With Drivers And Brokered Carriers

Whether you're working with your own PEDs or an external carrier, tracking works.

Manual Fallbacks For Every Load

Never get stuck relying on automation to catch up - you can always update manually.

Built-In Google Address Verification

Never get an address wrong again with Google address verification

Share Freight Location With Customers

Cut your client check calls by 90% by sharing truck location in real-time with FreightPath Portals

We're confident you won't miss your check calls. FreightPath updates your clients in real-time on location, status, and exceptions so you can focus on building your book of business.

Your clients don't even have to worry about creating an account or remembering passwords - all FreightPath Portals are permissionless.

All You Need Is A Smartphone

No dedicated hardware or installation required

Unlike other solutions that require dedicated hardware, all you need to get best-in-class tracking with FreightPath is your smartphone and the FreightPath Mobile App (available for iOS and Android).

This reduces costs for you and your drivers, and makes it effortless and risk-free to implement.

What Our Customers Say

Get The Most Flexible TMS Software Risk-Free Today.

If FreightPath doesn't satisfy your needs, we'll refund you in full - no questions guaranteed.