Dispatch Software Your Drivers Will Love

The only dispatch software that works as well for drivers as it does for the dispatcher

A Driver Workflow That's Proven to Work

Too many dispatching apps are designed for the dispatcher, not the driver. This creates extra work for drivers, and makes their already busy days harder. We designed FreightPath with feedback from real truck drivers to create the first dispatch app that your entire team will love.

How It Works

Create or Duplicate Loads In Seconds

Spend less time on data entry with easy ways to duplicate and create new loads.

Schedule Loads for Drivers Visually

Never double book a driver again with our visual driver scheduling calendar.

Dispatch Directly to Drivers' Smartphones

Reduce confusion by dispatching loads using the FreightPath mobile app.

Dispatch To Drivers And Carriers

Enjoy the flexibility to work the way you want to

Your software shouldn't hold you back from dispatching to the best option available - whether that's your own driver, an owner-operator, or a third-party carrier.

FreightPath gives you the flexibility of dispatching to any LSP while receiving the same best-in-class tracking and status alerts.

Less Time Spent On Data Entry

Give your dispatchers the tools they need to work faster

Dispatchers report on average a 2.5x improvement in the time it takes for data entry when companies switch from an old school TMS to FreightPath.

This means that you can service more customers and pick up more loads without increasing your overhead.

Visual Driver Scheduling

Never double book a driver or carrier again

Keeping track of one driver's schedule is already a headache, let along 10 or 20.

FreightPath organizes and keeps track of all your driver schedules for you, with a visual scheduler so that you always know what your team's day, week, and month looks like.

A Driver App Designed By Drivers

Convenient and easy to use on the road and in the truck

Your truck drivers are busy enough - don't create more work and distractions for them.

The FreightPath Mobile App was designed with the feedback of real truckers. It's simple - one click to accept a shipment, another to confirm deliveries or report delays. We handle all the tracking in the background, so drivers can focus on the road ahead.

Don't Let Load Revisions Slow You Down

FreightPath makes complex load revisions a breeze

Whether it's a last-minute change in delivery location, a renegotiated load or a routing mistake - you have the freedom to revise shipments even while in transit.

Simply make the revisions you want and we'll communicate it with your carriers and customers so everyone's on the same page.

Other Features You'll Love

Easily Create Milk Run Shipments

Create complex shipment routes with multiple destination stops.

Dispatch Loads To Multiple Drivers

Simultaneously dispatch a shipment to multiple drivers.

Drop Trailers, Delivery Windows + Much More

Specify every aspect of your shipment, from the load details to the timing.

What Our Customers Say

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