Put Trucking Paperwork In The Rearview

Easily tender, share, and complete paperwork online, no matter where you are.

Don't Be Limited By The Speed Of Paper

Carriers routinely deal with 30+ day receivables cycles. Break the trend with tendered digital documents shared in real time with your customers.

How It Works

Dispatch Directly To Drivers' Phones

Prevent mistakes before they happen with driver instructions dispatched in real time.

Collect eSignatures And Proof Of Delivery

Drivers can collect eSignatures and PoD photos directly on their mobile device.

Report Any Exceptions And Delays

Reduce risk with delay, cancellation, and exception reporting on drivers' phones.

Collect Proof of Delivery No Matter Where You Are

Throw out that fax machine - send proof of delivery with eSignatures directly from your smartphone

With the FreightPath Mobile App drivers can collect eSignatures, take proof of delivery photos, scan documents, and confirm status updates from their smartphone.

No complicated IT infrastructure, just download the app and your drivers are ready to go.

Share Completed Docs Instantly

Make paperwork delays a thing of the past and start getting paid faster

We've all lost time and money from lost BoLs and PoDs in our trucks. FreightPath eliminates this risk entirely, letting you share completed documents the minute they've been signed with your customers or factoring company.

Plus, everyone is kept in the loop with changes and revisions, so there's never any unexpected delays.

Simple Driver Workflow

Stop using your truck as a filing cabinet on wheels. Keep everything organized with FreightPath.

Drivers have enough to focus on while they're behind the wheel. Guarantee they have the right instructions and route with FreightPath dispatching.

They can even report exceptions and delays while on the road, reducing risks and preventing costly mistakes before they happen.

What Our Customers Say

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