Understand the numbers that drive your trucking business

Visual real time analytics and csv reporting that anyone can use

Make The Most Of Your Trucking Operations

In a cost-heavy industry like trucking, it's absolutely critical that you optimize every truck, driver, and dispatcher to get the most done. FreightPath gives you the real-time trucking intelligence you need to identify problems, brainstorm solutions, and implement them successfully.

Get Insights In Real Time

See problems as they occur, instead of the next day

The faster you can identify a potential problem in your trucking business, the better it becomes for your bottom line.

Where other analytics platforms give you delayed feedback, FreightPath works in real-time to give you a live view of your team's performance.

Create Custom Views Without Coding

Customize and filter your analytics dashboard to create your own views for lane history, customer support, carrier performance and more.

Visualize Your Trucking Information

Move past your excel spreadsheets and see your trucking data in a whole new way with interactive graphs and metrics.

metrics you just can't get through excel

FreightPath analyzes your delivery information to give you live information on delivery success rates, on-time performance, and more.

Freedom Over Your Data

FreightPath gives you the flexibility to export and reclaim your data

Your data is sensitive and private for both you and your clients. We use industry best practices to secure and manage it for you.

When you need to export or move your data - it's easy. With FreightPath, you can do whatever you want with your data. Because it's yours.

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