Accounting that just works - directly in your TMS.

FreightPath Accounting allows 3PLs to create, send, and track invoices and expense settlements directly from an easy to use web-based transportation management software.

Easy-To-Use Accounting Built Directly Into Your Transportation Management System.

FreightPath Accounting solves your team's frustrations with revenue recognition, keeping track of customer credit limits, expenses with carriers, and much more. It's easy to use, integrates easily with your existing accounting software, and is loved by 3PLs and brokers across North America.

From Rate Confirmation To Payment.

Create a Professional Rate Confirmation with your logo.

FreightPath automatically creates professional looking rate confirmation documents in PDF format for both your customer and your carrier.

Best of all, carriers and customers can accept, download, and sign these rate confirmations online through the FreightPath carrier and customer portals. It's an integrated, easy-to-use solution that improves tender response time and your professionalism.

Create and Log Both Invoices and Expense Settlements.

Other TMS's have an oversimplified view of accounting that fails to understand the complex ins and outs of how modern Freight Brokerages and 3PLs invoice and bill customers and carriers.

FreightPath allows you to create and log status for any kind of invoice - whether you're a dispatcher who is neither the bill-to nor pay-to, or you're managing an internal fleet where internal cost tracking is the most important.

Prevent Cash Flow issues with aging reports and credit tracking.

Transportation is a cash flow business, and modern 3PLs and freight brokers need to know when money is coming in and out.

FreightPath helps you track cash flow through our built-in invoice aging report showing you outstanding invoices and their expected payment dates, as well as credit limit tracking for both customers and carriers.

Start Off Right With The Best Rate Confirmation From Any TMS.

Communicate expected charges and shipment details clearly and professionally.

Make sure that your customers and carriers understand everything they need to about a shipment's key information, trip details, and payment specifics before they accept.

FreightPath's industry leading PDF and digital rate confirmation make it easy for everyone to start on the right foot and. The best part is, your rate confirmations are created and sent automatically the minute your team creates a load so there's never a delay.

Easily Track Invoice Payments and Status.

Keep track of which invoices have been paid through an intuitive interface built directly into your TMS.

FreightPath allows you the option to edit at any time the payment type, terms, due date, associated PO number, currency, tax rate, invoice number, bill-to, pay-to, and line items. This gives you maximum flexibility to keep your invoices and rate confirmations up to date.

You can also track invoice payment status from draft all the way through to paid. It also gives you options to automatically identify specific invoices as late or delinquent so you can keep your cash flow in good standing.

Invoice Customers and Pay Carriers Easily.

FreightPath generates easy-to-use and professional looking invoices and settlements to help you process shipments faster.

When freight brokerages and 3PLs switch to FreightPath, they save valuable time during the invoicing and payment process by giving sales and operations the ability to invoice without asking accountants for help.

Instead of waiting to create invoices and settlements in your accounting software, your transportation team can create, send, and track invoices directly from FreightPath TMS and save valuable time. Best of all, all this information easily integrated with your accounting system like Quickbooks so your accountants are happy too.

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